Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Restoration for Sunday Brunch in Hong Kong

Hi girlies! My girlfriend and I decided to hit up Restoration in Central for some sunday brunch time. We made a reservation for 1pm on Sunday. The location is quite convenient with it being just up lkf. Once you find the building, you need to take the elevator up one floor to get to this cute little restaurant. I absolutely fell in love with the space when I walked in. It's the perfect place to chill. To my surprise, the restaurant wasn't busy at all when we were there with only a few tables being occupied.

63 Wyndham Street
1st Floor

The two of us ordered two dishes to share. One of which was the Catfish Lyonnais which was oh-so-delish. I know they have a Fried Chicken waffle that's quite popular as well, but I wasn't feeling extremely fried food that day... but there's always next time!

 Catfish Lyonnais $168
Seared catfish, crispy potato, poached eggs, orange saffron beurre blanc, hollandaise, caviar
Jambalaya Omlette ($138)
Shrimp, Andouille crawfish tomato & spring onion with Pravolone

The second dish that we ordered was Jamabalaya Omlette. I wasn't too big of a fan of this one, probably because I was more than half full from the lyonnaise, and partly because I felt like I was eating some cha siu stuffed in an omlette. There's something really asian about this omlette haha!

For all of you meat lover out there, they even offer all-you-can-eat steaks and ribs in their dinner menu!

I absolutely recommend this place, and I'd definitely come back to maybe try out their set lunches or dinner menu. I think this is a great place for a date before grabbing a drink at lkf which is just steps away! Hope all of you enjoyed my attempt at some foodie review heehee

Much love.

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