Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cafe Iguanna for some Mexican Sensation in Elements, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hi girlies! This post is another foodie review :) The other night, a bunch of my colleagues went to Elements for dinner. To our surprise, it was really difficult to find a place that accommodates 10 people! You would think how hard can that be, right? Anyway, at the end, we settled at Cafe Iguana at the Civic Square for some Mexican food.

Shop R004, Civic Square, Elements
Kowloon, Hong Kong

 Grilled Tiger Prawn Soft Taco with spices ($138)
The sauce was quite hot actually, but good at the same time.
This place is right beside the ICC.
 Pork in Al Pastor Style Soft Taco ($125)
 We also shared some appetizers
Guacamole ($75) / Nachos ($108)
I've definitely had better guacamole in my life, but hey I'm not complaining any time I can get my hands on some guac!

In my opinion, if you're around the Elements area and are not sure of what to eat, Cafe Iguanna is a great choice to hit at the Civic Square. In addition, there isn't much crowd in the weekend as I believe most of the traffic is due to the people who work at ICC. The price is reasonable, and the food is decent for its price.

Other Mexican food I've tried in Hong Kong are all around the lkf area. One of them being the infamous Brickhouse. In comparison, Brickhouse is definitely more hipster-ish as the atmosphere is more trendy and upbeat, but the I find that it's slightly overprice. But what can you expect since the restaurant is right at the centre of the city, right?

Much love.