Wednesday, October 15, 2014

El Catrin Destilleria - Patio Taco Time in Toronto!

Hi girlies! During my visit to Toronto, I went to El Catrin Destilleria at Distillery District for a nice Friday lunch with Steph. I absolutely loved the patio area! I heard that it's also super pretty at night as well. This Friday started off to be very nice and sunny, but the day went on and clouds started to gather and eventually it rained. Both Steph and I forgot to bring umbrellas as well :(

18 Tank House Lane
Distillery District, Toronto
Both of us had the Comida Corrida where we got to choose a small salad and a choice of two piece tacos at CAD15. I chose the Baja taco while Steph chose the Gobernador taco.
 Baja taco - Crispy fried haddock, chipotle lime coleslaw, flour tortilla
Both of us had the Ensalada Destileria for the salad choice, which had the following: 
Grilled shrimp, green papaya, mango, cilantro, toasted pecans, frisee, tajin sour vinaigrette
Gobernador taco - Flour tortilla, sautéed shrimp, lobster, chipotle mayonesa, black bean puree
This was SOOOOO GOOD. I highly recommend this one!
I definitely want to come back if I am ever around the area!

Much love.