Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall 2014 L'oreal Sale Haul in Toronto

Hi girlies! My girlfriend coincidently got tickets to the L'oreal Sale during my visit to Toronto! I was super excited because I've missed the cosmetic sales in Toronto oh-so-much! We arrived at the location on Wednesday at around 12pm and there was a bit of a line up which I believed was made up of people who were here during their lunch time.

I'll try my best to show the prices based on my memory.

YSL Manifesto perfume box set (about CAD 50)
Maybeline Volume Express mascara (CAD 2)
L'oreal Infallible silky pencil eyeliner in 230 highlighter (about CAD 3.75)
L'oreal Youth Code Day Cream with SPF 30 (about CAD 10)
Biotherm Skin Vivo gift set (CAD 28) - see review in this blogpost
6 Essie nail polishes (CAD 3.75 each) - only two polishes are shown here, more details are shown below

I quite like the scent of this perfume and decided to go for this gift set instead of another that was CAD 10 cheaper because, to be honest, the YSL box totally sold me. I'm currently using the box to hold miscellaneous items and I think it's super classy! The perfume that comes with this gift set contains 90 ml of product, and I just checked Sephora and the same bottle itself is selling for CAD 115!

Now that I've cut down my skincare spendings for the past two years, I always find myself running low on creams. It's a never ending struggle! I saw this Biotherm skin vivo box set for only CAD 28, which I think it's a total steal! I've used Skin Vivo products before (see previous blogpost here) and recall liking it.

I picked this baby up last minute when I found a table close to the cashier and was trying to pull things out of my bag to minimize my spending (who else does this? haha). In addition to pulling products out, I also found this L'oreal infallible silky pencil eyeliner in 230 highlighter just lying around on the table. I really want to try a rose gold eyeliner for my lower lash line, and at CAD 3.75, you really can't go wrong! I later on swatched it when I got home, the product seemed very smooth. I'm very excited to try this soon!

From left to right:
Find Me an Oasis / Head Mistress / Check-up / (Forgot the name because I gave this to my sister) / Parka Perfect / Go Ginza

The Essie sale was insane! At CAD 3.75 a piece, there were additional perks - Buy 5 get 1 free or Buy 9 get 3 free. I combined my order with my two girlfriends to get the Buy 9 get 3 free deal.

Here's what I did to my nails the day after using Essie Parka Perfect and Find Me and Oasis.

I really enjoyed the L'oreal Sale this time round, and I tried to limit my spending to the things that I need and love rather than just blindly buying something just because it's a good deal. I think I did a pretty good job on that! :P

Much love.

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