Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fossil Rose Gold Stella Stainless Steel ES3003

I had this sudden liking for rose gold lately... which is rather strange to me because I never really liked it before. This weekend, I went on a hunt for a rose gold watch and ended up purchasing this Fossil number. Originally, I wanted something much more simpler and with a smaller face, but the SA said those are for mom's... lol. I thought the dial with the stones was a bit too flashy, but this one does look nicer than the model without stones. I'm glad it's growing on me.

I checked out a few different brands. I think I prefer the face of a Michael Kors slightly better. However, the Fossil is cheaper and in addition, MK watches are made by Fossil anyway! So it's like paying more just for the brand.
I just really like how the rose gold looks against my skin tone.
They let you choose your own box. I chose this one with cute pastel colours.
Adding to my watch collection. My two babies look so gorgeous with each other :P I did a post for my white ceramic MK watch here.

To be honest, I don't know how long this rose gold trend is going to last. I think my ceramic looks more timeless... but I just couldn't pass up on purchasing a rose gold! It definitely looks less harsh than normal gold. Let me know what you think about this trend!

Much Love.


Che said...

I loving the rose gold watch trend, I finally got on from Juicy for Christmas. I think rose good will be just as timeless and I definitely like it better than cheesy gold.

Congrats on the lovely watch and I adore the ceramic MK watch as well.

Lisa said...

wow i had no idea MK's watches were made by fossil! i love your new rose gold baby it's so pretty on your skin tone!

Mei めい said...

nice watch ! <3

Jian said...

Lovely watches! Especially love the rose gold one! :)

I didn't know they made MK ones! :O

I super wanted a ceramic watch, but I don't actually wear watches full stop! I always forget to wear them in the morning xD

missmicchan said...

Love rose gold :) Great choice (not going with the smaller face). I love the watch!

priincess emily said...

How much was the Fossil watch? I was planning to purchase one as well! :D

Sandy a la Mode said...

that rose gold watch is just beautiful!!

Edwina said...

@emily I paid $190! But I later on found out that it might possibly be cheaper if you buy online!!!

Justine (Productrater) said...

I own Michael kors and fossil watches and I get a lot more wear out of the fossil watches to be honest with you. I find the michael kors too heavy on the wrist and they look identical. I have a rose gold (minus the rhinestones) like you from fossil.

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