Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Julep Maven Box - March 2012 It Girl

This post is about Julep Maven's March It Girl Box. This box is the one that I mentioned last time that I forgot to "skip the month" At first I thought I wouldn't like the colours too much, but it really surprised me! Probably because I'm turning into such a nail polish hoarder now -_-
From left to right:
- Melissa: Sheer opalescent shimmer that gives holographic effect when used over another colour
- Charlotte: Lavender creme
- Jodie: Deep rose with a gold shimmer
This box also came with a black nail filer.
Putting Melissa on top of Charlotte! Okay, that sounded weird... lol, but the final effect is totally cool. It gives it a metallic finish, and the colours totally remind me of a mermaid! I think it's a bit too cool tone for me though, next time I'll try and pair Melissa with a nice pink polish and see what happens :) When applying Melissa, you have a be quite light handed, too much of it make it a little too blue-ish.

And I have a confession to make... I couldn't resist not getting the Maven Julep St Patrick's Day Mystery Box!!! I've never gotten any mystery box from Maven Julep before, and I'm uberly excited! I've seen some blog posts for previous Valentine's Day mystery box and they were amazing! Can't wait to get my box... I think it'll arrive soon! I have a feeling there'll be some green polishes, but I'm not a big fan of green... unless it's mint! *crossing my finger*

Much Love.


Mimi said...

those nail polishes look great, gorgeous colors! and haha, putting melissa on top of charlotte... that does sound weird, but hey, it makes sense, haha! ;)

<3, Mimi
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G A B Y said...

Charlotte looks gorgeous! Creme are my favorite, especially from julep, as all of their other finishes tend to chip after only 2 days on me -_-

Edwina said...

@Gaby: Try putting a base coat and top coat on your julep polishes, it made the biggest difference for me! :)