Thursday, March 22, 2012

Julep Maven - St Patrick's Day Mystery Box

As you girls may know, being such a nail polish hoarder lately, I couldn't pass up Julep Maven's St. Patrick's Day Mystery Box! The regular price of the mystery box is $60, but there was a promoted coupon code for $20. This is the first time I bought their mystery box... I did some research online for other people's blog posts on their Christmas and Valentine's mystery boxes and they were super awesome!
I was so amazed when I opened the box, I've never gotten a makeup bag in a subscription box before! This one is very sturdy, much better quality than the ones MyGlam make up bags that I've seen on people's blogs. There are four slots inside, 3 narrower ones, and 1 wider one. In my bag, there was 1 nail polish in each of the narrow slots - super cute right?
Blake: Creamy Sunny Yellow
Sofia: Sheer Summer Green with Aqua Sparkle Glitter (online reviews say it is glow in the dark)
Hayden: Neon Peach (my picture does not do it justice)
Other things included:
- Nail Appliques in a summer edgy design.. I'm thinking of using this for Halloween
- Pretty nail filer
- Hand Cream with SPF 30
- Essential Cuticle Oil

I've never used cuticle oil before... the instruction says to apply daily to cuticle around edge of nail to strengthen your nails and maintain your manicure. How often do you girls use a product like this? Let me know your experience with it.
I put on Blake, which is a really nice yellow. Also my first time wearing a yellow polish and I quite like it for this spring :) It makes my hands look tan! However, unlike my previous experience with Julep polishes where only 1 coat was required, I needed to apply about 3 coats this time to get an even finish. As always, I applied a top coat on it.

So there you go with my unboxing post, I think it'll be a while before I buy any more Julep polishes... This has been getting a bit out of hands! lol I saw some bloggers got the Julep base coat in their mystery box and I'm super jealous!!!

Much Love.


Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

A makeup bag? SO jealous! Blake is a really pretty color. I had problems with the nail appliques because they were too big for my nails then I couldn't file them down like Sally Hansen's stickers to fit :/ I really hope I get that cuticle oil soon!

charlene-ann said...

I missed out on the mystery box again but I definitely need to get the next one. Such great extras you got & I'm definitely loving that yellow :P

Donna Dell said...

aw this was a cute bag! i love juleps subscription out of everyone elses since i love nail polishes. so your guaranteed to get nail polish lol

Lisa H. said...

That bag is really cute and looks really well made! I love the nailpolishes, especially the peach one.

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wintergurl said...

nice nail colour . love it