Sunday, March 25, 2012

EOS Lip Balm Review

I feel like the EOS lip balm has been reviewed way too many times and I'm kinda late on this bandwagon, but what the heck, I'll share with you all my thoughts on this. I hauled it when I visited New York - here's my blog post if you're interested in what else I got during that trip. I bought it at a drugstore (I want to said RiteAid but I might be wrong) for about $4.
The packaging is extremely cute. With its shape, it's definitely easier to find in my bag full of stuff! However I find that it's not very moisturizing. A little disclaimer is that I like my lip balms to be really moisturizing... I've even gotten use to applying vaseline on my lips every night over the course of university life lol.. I'm weird, I know :S so any good old lip balm isn't gonna seal the deal for me.

Other than that, I find that dust and other stuff gets stuck on the lip balm easily even if I close the lid every time I use it.. I guess it's b/c the surface of the packaging is larger than usual. The scent of this is honeydew, and I'd say it's decent.. but I don't really enjoy tasting it. I'm probably not going to repurchase this again... although I'm slightly curious about the one in red packaging, I think the flavour is summer fruit!
If you live in Canada, you would know that the EOS lip balm is harder to spot! I heard from some bloggers that they are sold at some RW&Co (of all places!) And while I was at Chapters the other day, I found them at the counter of the cashier for $6 (the price is kind of steep!). You will also be able to get it here at for $3.99!

Anyone else likes to apply vaseline on their lips? If you've tried the EOS lip balms, did you like them? Which one is your favourite flavour?


priincess emily said...

Love this! I have actually seen them at Walmart now for around 3.49!! :D

J00CiiEx said...

I have 3, the passion fruit one, honey dew and mint. I love EOS balms, but mine tend to get dirty easily also

Suvarna Gold said...

I wish I could buy this in germany :(

Rinny said...

I think these are cute, but I agree that they don't moisturize well at all. I usually have to apply every 2-3 hours or so.

♥ Denise ♥ said...

I have the same honeydew one, really love the packaging as its sooo cute Heheee

omg I used vaseline as lip balm tooo!!! I think it actually did a pretty good job, especially in extremely cold weather there is nothing more protective than vaseline :)!!!

Noressa Henness said...

Oh Love the packaging.
You have such a great blog girl!!! your articles are very well done ;D
I'm following you, hope you'll follow me back


Laura said...

Beautiful and very inspiring posts on your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

I love these! I've been wanting to try the hand lotion

a, said...

i've seen these at quite a number of places in canada. though i can't remember where at the top of my head. zellers and chapters for sure, i know that.

i used to use vaseline on my lips, but i don't anymore. only because i don't want to get my finger dirty! lipbalms found at dollarma (2 for 1.25) and have them sitting in every room/bag/pocket i am at!