Tuesday, September 12, 2017

First Wedding Dress Shopping Experience in Everly Fine Bridal, Vancouver

Hi girlies!

I'm so excited to be writing my first wedding related blog post! Since I'm getting married next year, I needed to go dress shopping. My situation is especially tricky as I am planning a wedding overseas in Hong Kong. And I finally figured out what seems to be the best way to approach my dress situation - which is to rent in Hong Kong so that I won't need to bring my dress that will for sure take up the entire luggage! And even though I will be renting in Hong Kong, I still want the whole dress shopping experience in Canada as well as I want to try on a few different styles so I know what would work better on my body. When my sister came to visit, we hit up Everly Fine Bridal in Vancouver.

Everly Fine Bridal
3341 West Broadway 
Vancouver, BC
V6R 2B1

It's a super cute store - not too big and overwhelming, but still very spacious and cozy. It's the perfect store to start my wedding dress shopping experience! It is recommended that you make an appointment with them before visiting the store. They usually do one appointment at a time. Laura was super sweet and gave me suggestions along the way. Everly Fine Bridal doesn't have too much selection and the majority of the selection is trendier pieces with a lot of lace and sequins - definitely more on the romantic side. I tried on about six dresses. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything that I fell in love with, but all in all it was a super fun experience trying on the different styles. 

The appointment lasted for about 40 minutes. Laura emailed me a thank you note with details and prices of the ones I was interested in. I highly recommend to check out this store!

I hope to do more wedding related posts soon - hope some of you will enjoy it!

Much love.