Saturday, September 9, 2017

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer Review

Hi girlies!

Today I would like to share one of the most important makeup product in my collection - the concealer. I've been a big fan of the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer. I believe this is my second tube and honestly, this stuff lasts me a really long time - you can see that with the worn out packaging with all the words rubbed off, and I feel like I still have many uses left. 

It's perfect for concealing redness around my nose and covering pimples. Oftentimes, I just use this with a bit of BB or CC cream and I can go out the door. The consistency is smooth and thick enough to cover my problem areas. For covering pimples, I usually just dot this on the needed area and use my finger to tap it a few times and blend it into the skin. For concealing redness around my nose, I would apply a small amount and blend it out with my fingers. I love that this product does not emphasize lines and pores around that area at all! Now I don't have particularly dark eye circles so I never used this product for that purpose so I can't speak from that perspective.

The staying power is moderate if I refrain from touching my face and picking at my pimples (which I definitely should stop doing). If I catch myself doing that, usually I would need to retouch, but the packaging is lightweight and travel friendly enough that I don't mind taking this with me to go out. Actually, this is usually the only make up product I take out with me other than the occasional lip product.

Effectiveness: Perfect for concealing redness around my nose and covering pimples.
Texture: Smooth but thick enough to cover problem areas.
Packaging: Lightweight and travel friendly.
Price: Reasonable for how long this product lasted me. A little goes a long way.
Repurchase? Already did as this is my second tube.

Much love.

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