Saturday, April 7, 2018

Merbliss Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Coating Nude Seal Mask Review

Hi girlies! I'm shameful that I have to apologize again for being MIA for so many months. What can I say, it's the same excuse over and over again - life things have taken over all my time. Over the past few months, I've managed to take a trip to Asia to attend a friend's wedding as well as do a big portion of the planning for my own. In addition, I've managed to move again - this time closer to the city and closer to my workplace. With this move, my commute has shortened more than half and I'm very thankful for that. The shortened commute means more time for me to rest, sleep, work, and do the things that I enjoy. Enough of me blabbering! This post is to share my review of the Merbliss Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Coating Nude Seal Mask.

I bought this when I was in Hong Kong. Honestly, I forgot exactly how much I paid for it, but it should be around the HK$100 mark. What caught my eye was the wedding dress design on the packaging. I know - so typical of me to focus on the packaging right? With my own wedding coming up, I thought it was the best time to try this out.

A box includes 5 sheets of face mask - each individually packaged. The sheet is very thin at 0.21mm. When you open the individual packaging, the sheet mask is attached to a piece of plastic paper to help with applying it on the face easier.

After some research, I found that this sheet mask consists of pearl powder and caviare extracts, and it claims to help brighten up skin tone and deliver anti-aging treatment. 

So what's my experience with this product? I find that it contains just the right amount of essence (no products dripping everywhere) - just perfect to keep my skin feeling moisturized and energized after usage. My skin is sometimes sensitive with sheet masks especially if the mask has brightening properties. With this Merbliss mask, I'm happy to report that there was none of that. My skin felt completely at ease with this product. It fits very well, snug and lightweight on the face, which is a big plus. 

Effectiveness: It leaves my skin feeling very moisturized and energized
Fit: It fits very well, snug and lightweight on my face
Price: Reasonable
Repurchase? Yes and I'm interested to tryout other Merbliss products!

I know there's another version called Merbliss Wedding Dress II. I wonder what's the difference with this one! I would definitely like to try it some time. 

Much love.