Saturday, June 25, 2011

Face Roller

It's come to my realization that my face is a lot chubbier than it used to be. After watching one of bubzbeauty's monthly favourite video (I forgot which one), I was intrigued to try the face roller that she mentioned about. I did a quick search on ebay and found out they cost a few dollars including shipping. I didn't buy it right away (for whatever reason I had at that time). Then I found one at Pacific Mall, and the store was selling it for over $10! There was no way I was going to buy an overpriced item. Today, I went into a store called 天天百貨 at the plaza at Warden and Steeles, where T&T Supermarket is located... and I found this, on sale for $3.99! They had different kinds of rollers, some for legs, some for face, I even saw one for breasts @_@ There were 2 different ones for face, but I decided to choose this one because it seems more sturdy.

Recommended use: 10 minutes per day
There are 2 separate parts. The main part with 2 arms is for the cheeks. The 1-arm part can be attached to the main part to be rolled on the chin (as shown on picture). Personally, I don't enjoy the chin part because I'm scared of having anything close to my throat so I don't attach it on. Rolling this device on the face is quite decent, not uncomfortable at all. The surface of the roller balls is not too harsh. I actually quite enjoy it (there's something pleasant about anticipating a slimmer face lol). After about 10 minutes of rolling or massaging, the cheeks have a heated sensation. This improves blood circulation.

This is way too early to tell if it will slim down my cheeks. But for sure, I'll continue to use it and will let you girls know if it actually works ;)


a, said...

i was interested in buying this too. i'm gona check out the place you mentioned!

tifuani said...

My mom has this but I never thought it would work.... maybe I'll try it too :) Thanks for sharing~

L4pinkpetal said...

awww update us soon, i want to try it too

emi said...

i saw something similar to this in daiso and i wanted to purchase but i seriously doubt it would make my face slimmer >< i can't wait to hear the results though, if it works for you i will definitely buy :D

Lisa said...

omgosh this is nuts haha you have to let us know if it actually works! i have a fat face hahaha

as for chanel if you go to my latest post of the chanel reveal at the very top is a link to the chanel customization party i went to and in that post i talk about the options - leathers, materials ect. :) there were about 10 different colors offered but it changes everytime they do it... so it's not very consistant so the colors they offered when i customized won't be available the next time they host the customizing event because there will be new colors. hope this helps if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask!

suki pooki said...

I've seen these floating around beauty blogs for a while!!! I hope it works, seems like an awesome painless way to make our faces slimmer and toner!

Winnie* said...

That's a good deal! Even though I don't think your face is chubby at all. I remember I used to use a body one on my face and it hurt like hell lol. Let us know how it works out for you!

Rinny said...

lol Asian people think up all sorts of gadgets for everything. I have to admit I am a bit curious to see if this will make your face slimmer :P

ThisIsAlx said...

Omgg I saw her video too n wanted to try this but I'm actually more interested in the ones made out of jade just because it's cooling and has a smooth surface :) but I'll be waiting for ur update on whether or not this works!!!.. But I Wang it to remove my grown and laugh lines if that's ever posible lol

ThisIsAlx said...

sry for all the typos!!! my iphone auto corrected my spelling mistakes>< i was saying
"Omgg I saw her video too n wanted to try this but I'm actually more interested in the ones made out of jade just because it's cooling and has a smooth surface :) but I'll be waiting for ur update on whether or not this works!!!.. But I 'want' it to remove my 'frown' and laugh lines if that's 'even possible' lol"

there much better =]

mizzsandychau said...

oooo i want one, i think i'm going to check the place out tomorrow hahaha i hope the still have it!

Florence said...

i have one, it doesn't really work though :( or may be its just cuz i don't use it much

nice blog you have here. Great post. :3

Followed you ! Do visit me and feel free to follow back!

Mary said...

omgsh I've seen these before! but I always wonder how well they work. Take some pictures of your progresses! (even tho i don't see how you're getting chubbier. -___-"'re so skinnyyy!)

cushy said...

i used to shop at pacific mall when i was in markham for work. it reminds me of shopping malls in asia. anyway, great job finding a cheaper one. i don't think i have the patience to spend 10 mins everyday on this. well, if it really works....maybe.

PinkOrchids said...

I've seen these around! I think Muji does some too. Please do let us know if it works, I have such a round face :( xX

arsyparsy said...

Oh wow, that's looks interesting! update us on how it goes :)

PopBlush said...

I have this same Face Roller~^_^
I'm not sure if it works because I am not consistently using it. Let me know if you've noticed any changes and I might get back on to it. :D

Marie said...

This sounds like a fun and promising gadget, keep us posted!;D

***** Marie *****

DiamondsAndBeauty said...

You can find this on eBay for about £3. I found it recently, I was trying to find something to slim down my face, I'm buying it tomorrow! :D

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