Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Luxe Box :)

Yay I got my June Luxe Box yesterday and I was so excited! I originally ordered the 3 months package, but I missed the deadline for my May one so I didn't receive a box last month :( So you know how much anticipation there is for this one! heehee

Click here for the April Luxe Box post that I blogged about! It has the details if you're interested. One thing that's changed from that blogpost is that there has been a slight price increase (from $10 to $12 per month). If you plan on getting it a full year round, you get a discount for a total of $120 annually.

This is what the June box looks like:
Laura Mercier e/s in Twilight Grey
On the description card, it says it's upgraded to be a full sized product. I think it's because I bought the 3 months package. I was surprised to find a Laura Mercier product in the box, let alone a full sized e/s! This is actually my 1st Laura Mercier product and I'm very excited to try it out :)

Dermalogica Shaving Cream & Daily Clean Scrub
These are included in correspondence to Father's Day (as stated in the note).

Joico Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil / Consonant Skincare Face Wash
First impression of the Joico oil is that it works similar as any other styling oil but the texture of this one is quite light weight which I like.

Me and my sister are always pleasantly surprised by the packaging. It's just so cute!!

Much Love.


ThisIsAlx said...

YAY for luxe boxes!!!! I was wondering how big your consonant cleanser is? because mine looks different from yours ><...and my two chocolates melted =[ lol

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The styling oil sounds really good. Joico is a nice brand that I use for shampooing :) YAY for your full sized LM e/s!!

Crystal Luvz said...

I can't wait to get mine this month. I got an update of where my package was and it was lost and is re-routing to my address!! Argh!! Should arrive on Monday Can't wait!!! Great products!!

ThisIsAlx said...

ohh than its probably because they messed up my last month's LB.. I dont mind if they make more mistakes ^^ hehe.. I saw on youtube tjat another girl got the same cleanser as yours.. I think we are lucky girls to get a full sized laura mercier shadow!! yay!! =].. are u planning on ordering more from them? I'm thinkin whether or not to get the yearly sub =S its $120!! seems a lot of money ><

mizzsandychau said...

i got my june box too, i'm pretty dissapointed with mine. i got 3 items, my box was damaged also. Everyone seem to have got the same box as yours but mine was blehhh

milk tea girl said...

aw i have the other version of the june luxe box with 3 items...i still like it...but the eyeshadow is a tan colour (the other colour shown on the card) and ur grey one looks nicer!!~~the other item is the dermalogica daily microfoliant :)