Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Randomness of the Week

Hey girlies! Life's been busy lately. If you follow my twitter, you might've known that I went to NYC for a short trip during the weekend. I will probably make a post about it, and of course the stuff that I got there (which isn't that much)! And I have an exam coming up on Feb 23rd so I'm at the library a lot lately. Gotta catch up on all the studying that I didn't do while I was at New York.

I don't feel like typing a lot... so I'll leave you guys with a few random pictures lol.

1. Makeup drawer - some nail polishes, falsies, backups, etc.
2. Mail that arrived this week - Anthro catalogue, People magazine, Aerie coupon, ColorBlend Foam coupon!
3. Some random displays in my room
4. Lotions, creams, perfumes, candles that aren't in the washroom for some reasons

Much Love. Have a great week everyone.


Miss Jayce said...

i have that eye talk thing too! did it work for you??? and I'm so curious how your nyc trip went! =))

Marcy said...

I love post on random things like this!! I do it sometimes!!


Marie said...

Is that Tommy Girl? Had that when I was younger. :D

Thanks for the pictures and good luck with school!:D

***** Marie *****

Edwina said...

@Miss Jayce: It didn't really work for me unfortunately... did it work for you? But I'm not surprised though, a lot of eyelid tapes or glue don't really work for me b/c of my eye shape :( My best bet is to use false eyelashes, it gives me double eyelids! haha

@Marie: Yes that's Tommy Girl! haha It's from years ago and I should probably through it away.. but it has some sentimental value to me :S

Marie said...

Whenever I smell Tommy Girl, gosh, I have this rush of memories when I was a teenager. Can't blame you if you can't throw it away!:D

***** Marie *****