Friday, February 18, 2011

Patiently Waiting for a price markdown...

Online window shopping heals everything - a broken heart, a tired soul, whatever. In my case, I'm stressed out from an upcoming exam. I stumbled upon these precious finds at Anthropologie. Now, I just need a major sale for them to be mine. By major, I mean MAJOR.

Crochet Caricature Blouse
Interesting see-through pattern.

Capirona Blouse
Feminine earthy tones are my favourites.

Crossed Pinstripes Top
Cute collar detailing and A-line cut.

Sudden Downpour Top
Loose fit yet classy.

Buttondown Cowlneck
Unique colour and flowy fit.

Influential Anorak
Military inspired jacket, if only it comes in a different colour.

Happy weekend everyone! Much love.


lisa said...

ohh i'm really loving the capirona blouse.. it's such a gorgeous neutral color.. and the ruffles drape beautifully!

suki pooki said...

I like the crossed pinstripes top!!! super cute and adorable, but I know what you mean about a major sale hahaha there's still hope!

mizzsandychau said...

oo i love the blue blose with the bow at the back, so pretty! love your taste!

Susie said...

Their clothes are so darn cute but then expensive at the same time! Hopefully they do go on sale though!! :D

The Little Dust Princess said...

The tops are so pretty! I like the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Rinny said...

Ah I love Anthropologie, especially their dresses! But I agree, I wouldn't buy anything unless it was majorly discounted :(

Jenny said...

i went to anthropologie today edwina!!!!! loved it there! i agree that the prices need to be reduced! i really like this capirona blouse :)

hope you had fun in NY :) did you buy anything there?

Musicalhouses said...

Great picks! Unfortunately their stuff is beyond my budget, too, so I'd also have to wait for a sale!

Marie said...

Lovely picks!:D

The crochet top is really pretty.:D

***** Marie *****

Christina said...

I really like that crochet top...a lot! but again, price too high for me too....