Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart You

Hi girlies! I just did some shopping at Hautelook for the first time. I browsed around and found these cute necklaces for a decent price. I picked up one for myself and one for my friend's bday. I like simple jeweleries and I think they suit me really well.

Sterling Silver and Green Quartz Heart Necklace / Sterling Silver and Lemon Quartz Heart Necklace

My only concern is that the chain is 16'' with a 2''extender. I thought it would be long enough, but I just compared the length to some necklaces that I already own, I'm worries that it'll be too short. If it really falls short, any ideas on how to extend it? Does adding another chain works? Let me know if you have experience in this! :)

Estimated delivery dates are March 4th to March 10th, which is quite some time from now... Hopefully it'll arrive sooner!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)


lisa said...

hi edwina! thanks for visiting me..

i love the necklaces you got.. if you're worried about the length.. you can just go to clair's and get an extender for like $5 bucks :)

oh and i just wanted to check with you to see if your google friend connect name was "edwina" because i didn't see you on my GFC.. you have to be a follower on GFC to be entered.. if you follow on bloglovin that's an extra entry.. but to actually qualify to enter you have to follow on GFC. i hope this isn't too confusing.

Tasja said...

Oh I like the first one a lot!

& about the shortness.. I think that it will be really cute if it was actually a very short necklace :)

PinkOrchids said...

Such pretty necklaces!! Don't worry, 16" is standard length and 18" will be more than enough, unless you want the necklace to be super long so it reaches about your stomach then you will need a new chain. You can always add a little more loops to the 2" extender. Let us know how you feel about the necklaces when they arrive!!

DSK Steph said...

Happy Valentine's Day! :) Great choice in necklaces! 16" and 18" are the most standard size, the extended is helpful, but it does take away from the "cleanness" of the entire necklace look (if it dangles b/c usually the extended is larger link chains).

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about struggling to put clothes on! Trust me, these cargoes are only coming out on the weekends, hahaha.

Rinny said...

The necklace is really cute! I have an account on Hautelook but I've never actually bought anything from the site :)

InsideOut Elle said...

Ohh these are really pretty. The Lemon Quartz especially - i love yellows in jewelry for some reason xD

DilaanD said...

ohh love the silver necklace _:D the yellow-green is nice too :)

Marie said...

The lemon quartz is cute, nice pop of color.:D

With necklaces like these, I like to keep the chain short.

***** Marie *****