Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lululun Brightening Facial Mask Review

Hi girlies! Today I want to talk about the Lululun Brightening Facial Mask. I bought it in Tokyo last year when I went for a quick visit. I think I bought this at Log-on... but I might be wrong. I thought at 420 yen for 7 pieces, you really can't go wrong! I also bought the one in pink packaging which is the Lululun Moisture Type Facial Mask.

Paper quality: To be honest, the paper quality is not that great. It's extremely flimsy and thin. The fit is quite poor as I often had to struggle to make it fit all parts of my face. Pulling and tugging oftentimes tears it apart.
Effectiveness: To my surprise, the brightening effect is beyond my expectation given the poor paper quality. I feel that my complexion is more balanced and my pores look smaller after using it. The essence isn't too strong either. My skin did not break out from it or feel sensitive at all.
Packaging: Unlike most other face masks in the market, there is no individual packaging for each mask. All 7 pieces of masks are in this zip lock bag type of thing.
Repurchase? I might repurchase it if I ever visit Japan again because it's cheaper over there. I definitely won't go out of my way to search for it in Hong Kong. 
I also tried the Lululun Moisture Type Facial Mask, but I feel that it's nothing special at all. This one is even cheaper at 315 yen for 7 pieces. However, I wouldn't purchase this if I can find the brightening one.

Much love.