Sunday, January 8, 2012


About a couple months ago, my bestie got me the Flora perfume by Gucci for my birthday, and instead of the normal packaging, she got me the purse spray which in my opinion is oh-so-very-cool.
The packaging is sleek and compact which is perfect for travelling. It's also quite light as well! It comes with three additional bottles of refills of 15mL each.
I really enjoy the scent. It's not too strong, but is very feminine.
It's very secured when twisted up to ensure nothing can be leaked. To use the perfume, you just have to twist the top part down. And when you're finished with the perfume, you can slide the actual perfume up to change it to the refill.

Much Love.


mizzsandychau said...

that is so pretty! how does it smell?

Lisa said...

i LOVE the packaging! love love love. I will have to check out this scent :) great post!

Rica said...

The packaging is soooo sophisticated and I love it. I wonder if you can use it with other perfumes when it runs out.
x Rica

ThisIsAlx said...

I Loveee the packaging!! Also loving that it is a spritz bottle :D


LittoMokaa said...

Love the concept and the gucci detailed package! <3

Lisa said...

so cool!! i love the print on the outside of the bottle :)!

rolala said...

I adore this fragrance but I've never seen it in this packaging. It's lovely!

suki pooki said...

Nice packaging! I think purse sprays are so convenient in case you want to touch up your perfume! I love the refills it came with!

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