Monday, January 16, 2012

Anchors and Bows,

Silve and Gold.

Came across these Kate Spade and Henri Bendel jewelry and wanted to share with you girls. I like extremely simple things when it comes to jewelry, anything too edgy and too overwhelming scares me. I like both silver and gold, but I think silver flatters me more.

I thought this is a bracelet until I typed its name. At first, I thought it resembles my BCBG pearl bracelet so much, and the bow gives it a cute twist. But as a necklace, I don't think it suits me at all. After all, I'm not a big fan of short necklaces.

I don't especially fancy bangles because I think they're too harsh for me and it's a bit hard to match with outfits as opposed to bracelets. This Henri Bendel one, however, is quite cute and I love how they mixed silver and gold together.

Much Love.


Kalmo said...

I love Kate Spade because she is so feminine. The bow details are really cute and I also like simple jewelry. :)

misscindee said...

thx for the comment babe. my invites took a while to make but in the end i was very happy with them. =)

That Kate Spade bangle is sooo cute. i have nothing of hers yet. do you?

Jenny said...

I love Kate Spade Jewelry! I went to an actual Kate Spade store when I was in San Diego and it was lovely in there! I actually wanted to buy that gold bow ring when I was there but their smallest size at that store was a 7, much too big for my fingers :(

Check out for simple jewelry like that anchor pendant you like!

Edwina said...

Thanks Jenny!!! The jewelry on the site are gorgeous - so simple and special at the same time, right up my ally!

tifuani said...

Omg that pearl Kate Spade necklace is adorable~!!!! I actually have the all wrapped up bow but in gold :3 super cute jewelry <33

xoxo tifuani

suki pooki said...

Everything here is sooo adorable! Girly and cute and princessy but still classy and chic! I agree with you on bangles but my personal problem with them is that they like to slide off my wrists =( So I always only buy bracelets with elastics ><

Hahaha I'm so happy your excited about the review on duffy clothes LOL!!!! I'm writing up reviews on some products already, it's going to take me some time to be able to use all the products lol

Jian said...

I love anything with bows, especially when it's not tacky. All of these examples are absolutely looooovely!!

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