Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tis the season... love the things you love.

I want to share with y'all some of the things I've gotten during the holidays as gifts or bought myself. I got myself this gorgeous brown Marc by Marc Jacobs called "Bianca Jane on a Leash" It's a cross body bag, which makes it soooo convenient to take out. I love every detail of it - the leather is super soft. It is rather small, but fits all the essentials. The straps are removable so you can use it as a clutch if you want. One downside is that it doesn't have a zipper so you have to make sure to secure the front lock by turning it.
With 6 card slots at the back. Currently holding my phone, key holder, and lip balm.
This bag comes in several different colours as shown on the Marc Jacobs site, and there's also a sparkly one on Harvey Nicols that is currently sold out. I bought mine at Holt Renfrew (a department store in Canada) where the only colour on sale was the sparkly one, but I thought it would be a tad too much for everyday use.

Lately I've been obsessing over candles! I bought a few from Bath and Body Works and took advantage of their buy 1 get 1 free promo right now. Absolutely loving Mint Chocolate!

Other adorable and lovely things this Christmas

Red top bought from Asos! Aren't the ruffles so lovely? Perfect for the holidays :)

Much Love.


Kalmo said...

Awesome haul! I love the color and lining of the Marc Jacobs bag! I love Slatkin candles but their wicks explode sometimes lol. Ohhh love the Chanel nail polish.

Fannie said...

You got the large marshmallow fireside! I only found the small ones left and i bought my candles like 2 months ago.

Dianne said...

Love the Marc Jacobs bag! Happy New Year, Edwina! :)

another day to wander

Edwina said...

@Kalmo YES I AGREE! The wicks do explode which is kinda scary... and funny at the same time! LOL

@Fannie There were lots of them at the Bath and Body Works I went to! Do check again :)

@Dianne Thanks, Happy New Year to you too!

tifuani said...

I'm in love with that Marc Jacobs bag ♡♡ Very very cute~! And I love candles too! I haven't bought any from Bath and Body but I know they have some interesting strong scents x) Hope you have a happy new years~! ^^

xoxo tifuani

Rinny said...

The MJ bag is really cute! And very functional and practical as well :)

Happy New Year!

suki pooki said...

Gorgeous bag! I'm also hunting for something small for when I just need to run errands! Happy new year!!! That red dress is just soooo cute!

Che said...

Such a darling bag, I love the clasp detail in front.

I also like the lantern/ candle holder, very cute :)

cushy said...

i love bath and body works candles too. haul a bunch during their 75% sale.