Sunday, September 11, 2011

Way overdue: Las Vegas Trip

I've been an extremely bad blogger lately. Life in general has not been nice so I took some time off the blogging world to recoup. Some people like to share their worries, but I like to be alone and spend some private time.

I went on a 4 days girls trip to Vegas in mid July to celebrate my best friend T's bday. It sucks that many close friends are away from me geographically :( She went to study in Hong Kong after university, and only comes back once a year! I visited Vegas 2 years ago with my family so as you can imagine, it was a very different experience than this time around. We stayed at Monte Carlo Hotel, which was decent for its price in my opinion. But if I were to visit LV again, I would choose something more fancy - maybe Aria?

First night at Tao!

We hit up Marquee Day Club at the gorgeous Cosmopolitan Hotel for some tanning time!

Then XS at the Wynn at night

T&me - we go wayyy back... like since 5 years old? lol.

Seafood buffet at Rio!

We did sneak some shopping time at the Fashion Show Mall and one of the outlets. I didn't buy a whole lot - just a few tops at F21 and some work clothes at Banana Republic. Other than that, some of us went to see the David Copperfield magic show at MGM... It was not bad, but I kind of regret not seeing Cirque du Soleil :S All in all, it was a hectic trip. I was even crazy enough to go back to work right away after a redeye flight. I think I've had enough for Vegas for a while - won't be visiting for at least another few years!


Kalmo said...

Sorry that life hasn't been the best, but I hope it picks up really soon for you! :)

Aw it's great that you got to see friends and say at Vegas. Seafood buffet sounds fun. All you girls look gorgeous!

Fannie said...

Hi Edwina, sorry to hear things haven't been too good but cheer up everything always works out.

Yes i am from Toronto as well! Woot woot.

mizzsandychau said...

omg looks so much fun! jealous!!!

i hope you feel better! cheer up!

Rinny said...

Looks like a really fun trip! You should def check out a Cirque du Soleil show if you go again to Vegas!

misscindee said...

i think one of the best things in the world is going to vegas with your gfs!! nothing can beat that! looks like u ladies had a blast! <3

Marie said...

Looks like you girl had a fun trip, I would love to stay at the Aria too. Maybe next time.;D

***** Marie *****
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