Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall 2011 L'oreal Sale Haul

I want to share my L'oreal Sale haul with you girls! I skipped the sale last time around because I wanted to cut down my beauty products spending... but I've heard that they had some Shu Uemura stuff and I regretted not going! This time, I made sure to ask my friend to save me a ticket and am I glad when I saw the Lancome cosmetics counter there!

I picked up two things - a Lancome lipstick in Blush Classique ($13.75) and the Fond de Teint foundation in Lifting Porcelaine 20 ($24.25). I kinda regret taking the brown artliner out of my bin last minute...

The reason why I bought a lipstick is because I already own a Lancome lipstick in Rich Cashmere and it is my favourite lipstick in my collection - it's extremely moisturizing, and the scent reminds me of an expensive lipstick (lol). Not to mention that I bought it at the retail price of $34, and the sale was selling it for less than $14!! Lancome has slowly become one of my favourite cosmetics brands - I like their quality and the packaging.

I can't leave a cosmetic sale without some sort of skincare product (I'm quite obsessed -_-). I reviewed the Skin Vivo Cream before.. and I mentioned that I probably won't buy it again. However, I was intrigued by the Skin Vivo night cream so I decided to buy this set for $61, which includes a sample of the Skin Vivo serum as well.

Other drugstore products that I picked up are...
Garnier Skin Renew face massager $5
Maybelline the Falsie Mascara $3.75
L'oreal liquid eyeliner in black $4.75
L'oreal Hip pencil eyeliner in black $4.75
Essie nail polish in Chinchilly (not shown) $5
Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner $2 each

One awesome surprise when I was at the cashier was that our ticket has a 10% discount code so I got a good $15 off!! The cashier lady said not all the tickets have it. The ladies behind us sure were jealous! I didn't end up getting any Shu Uemura products because I thought they were quite pricey.. and the quality wasn't as nice as I'd hoped...


Kalmo said...

Great haul, so many goodies. I look forward to the review. Congrats on all the good deals too.

priincess emily said...

OMG! They didn't have the falsie when I went! Now I wanna go back!!!

Edwina said...

@Kalmo Thanks!!

@Emily When I found it, there was only 1 or 2 more left in the bin (Hence why the packaging on mine is wrinkled) I saw a girl had massive amounts of the falsie in her cart though!

Joey said...

Nice haul! Those lippies look so pretty!
Would you be doing a review on the Garnier Skin Renew face massager? I'm pretty intrigued :)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

the Lancome lipsticks are gorgeous!! so many goodies!

and i THINK i was at the Eaton Center when i went to Inglot. it's part of that huge underground city thing that connects like 5 malls together right?? i was so confused following my friend around from 1 mall to the other lol that place is so big!

G A B Y said...

Great haul! I love The Falsies but I will have to find a cruelty-free alternative!

Fannie said...

Hi Edwina, great haul! Let me know how you like the foundation. I need to buy a new one so let me know what you think. I love surprise savings lol.

mizzsandychau said...

aww you lucky girl, i wish i had tickets to go, i wanted to go so badly!!! Nice haul, love your picks!

tiffyama said...

What a lovely haul!! I've been reading quite a few posts on the L'oreal sales and I'm so jealous! haha. We have nothing really like this in the states. Sadface.

Reviews coming up soon? :] Looking forward to reading your thoughts on these!

Marie said...

Fun haul and great deal on the lipsticks! I am loving both shades.:D

***** Marie *****
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