Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Revlon Nail Polish in 570 Vixen

I haven't been buying much lately, let alone beauty products for that matter.  Moving out of my parent's house, moving out of the country, and being unemployed makes me become extra frugal.  I've learned to watch how every penny is spent.  During one of my window shopping sessions, I fell in love with the Chanel nail polish 637 Malice in the Christmas 2012 collection (see bottom of the post).  It's a gorgeous maroon red with a black sheen and red glitters.  I died for it.  The price tag did not agree with my wallet however so I went to SaSa to search for a much cheaper option.
I came out with this Revlon nail polish in 570 Vixen which is much darker than what I've wanted.  It's almost a black with purply red undertone.  It's still beautiful if you're into dark nails.  It gives off a really vampy look, which is quite suitable for the winter when you're wearing dark clothing.  The best thing about dark nail polishes is its ability to conceal imperfection in application.  I've reapplied on top for multiple times this week and it's still looks acceptable.  
Chanel 637 Malice in the Christmas 2012 collection
I can't get over how beautiful it is.  We'll see if I give in and decide to buy this for myself as a Christmas present :P