Thursday, April 26, 2012

NOTD: Revlon 261 Sparkling Julep Maven Maria

I fell in love with this sparkly Revlon nail polish in 261 Sparkling when I saw the last one sitting on the nail polish rail at Walmart.  It reminds me of rose gold and Carly Cristman!  I layered it on top of my beloved Julep Maven polish in Maria.  I did a blog post here when I wore Maria alone without all the sparkly gorgeousness!
Julep Maven in Maria / Revlon in 262 Sparkling
The sparkles in the Revlon polish is actually quite sparse.  I already put at least 3 coats on my nails.
If you want to have mega shiny nails, you probably need to put on a ton of coats and work with it for quite a bit. 
I actually really like how this combination turned out!  It's super girly and glamorous, but not over the top since the tone is more muted than in-your-face!  It's been a while since I'm this excited about my nails.  And it seems like I never get tired of it!  Another great thing that I like about this combination is that it's super easy to fix if our nails chip since the colours blend so well together.  You can't tell any imperfection in the application at all!  (I'm generally quite clumsy with painting my nails ;P)  It's been about a week since I've started wearing it... and I still don't want to change it up yet!  I add a coat of Sparkling every 1 to 2 days to keep up with wear and tear.  Next time, I'll try Sparkling on top of a darker colour - brown maybe?  I bet it'll be gorgeous!!

Much Love.