Monday, April 9, 2012

Au Pied De Cochon in Montreal

I recently made a trip to Montreal for some good food and chill time.  While I was researching online for restaurant ideas, I came across Au Pied Du Cochon on 536 Ave Duluth E, which is famous for their foie gras.  I was told by my coworker that I need to make my reservation early since she couldn't get one last time she visited.  And that I did, I called about 3 days in advance and realized they're not opened on Mondays so I changed my original plan to an 8pm reservation on Sunday.
When you go in, you'll realize that you walked into a cute little place with a nice atmosphere - nothing too fancy pancy, which I like :)  We ordered the Au Pied du Cochon beer that I didn't enjoy a whole lot.  It was a tad bit sour for my taste.
We ordered 1 appetizer and 1 entree: Foie Gras Poutine and Duck in a Can.  They serve you bread while you wait for your food.  The bread was really good, fresh and crispy.  The portion of the poutine wasn't too large, but trust me, this fills you up quickly since it has a really rich taste!  The consistency of the gravy and foie gras are quite similar.
Duck in a Can is a very interesting dish.  When you order this, expect a waiter to come with a can with duck inside.  He will then open the can, and pour the duck on your plate.  It truly is a strange experience haha!
Close up picture of the duck (left) and foie gras on bread (right)

It would seem like we didn't order a whole lot, but we were completely stuffed at the end of the night due to the richness of everything!  Foie gras is quite a controversial topic... If you're an animal lover, you might not be up for it!  I figured I at least need to try this famous place once, and I recommend it!

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Hope my little attempt on food blogging wasn't too hideous ;P Much Love.


Anonymous said...

lovely pics, the food looks so good! xx

Jian said...

Wow I can imagine that everything would be extremely rich!! I can't eat too much foie gras, or duck for that matter.

Hahahaha in a can...I can only imagine that being so weird!!!