Monday, February 6, 2012

Julep Nails!

I tried the Julep nail polish in Maria that came in the Julep Maven box in my last blog post. It's a metallic pink that is very appropriate for work. I was super amazed with this polish since I've never tried anything as opaque and fast-drying as this! Believe it or not, it only requires one coat! And it dries super fast! The instruction on the packaging says to apply 2 coats over base coat and follow with top coat for durability and shine. I didn't follow through with the base coat, but the top coat is absolutely required since this polish chips easily without one.

This polish is also great to remove - it requires minimal nail polish remover and the polish just slips off your nails without too much tugging! One downside is that just like other metallic polishes that I tried, they tend to be streaky. I've yet to find one that's not so I've learned to tolerate it.

I'll be sure to apply base coat and a better top coat next time to maximize the durability. Can't wait to try the other matte Julep nail polish that I have.

Much Love.


herroyalbleakness said...

That's a sweet metallic color! What's even sweeter is that it's good to go with one swipe :) I sure wish we had that brand locally :)

will wait for your other Julep pretty nail posts :) More power, E!

ShinyPrettyThings said...

i love this metallic shade. it kinda drives me crazy that most metallic polishes get streaky though!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Very metallic! I love it! :D

Jian said...

I also agree that I have yet to find a metallic shade which isn't streaky. It feels like something we just have to live with.

This is a gorgeous colour! And a 1 coater in my books is also great! I am so clumsy waiting for polish to dry xD

Winnie* said...

one coat?? Thats amazing and very pigmented. I dont think I have ever tried any metallic nail polishes that can be done only with one coat. I signed up for Julep too but still havent yet ordered my first box. I cannot wait to see how the purple one turn out for you too. Please be sure to post it :P

suki pooki said...

That's great that the polish is easy to remove, to be honest that's one of my pet peeves about polishes and why I avoid glitter polishes! lol

Omg no snow in Toronto, really? Yeah that IS weird, we actually only got snow for a few days lol now it's just raining like normal =(