Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shimmery Halloween Nails

I rarely wear extremely dark colours on my nails, but I realized I should try it for this Halloween, and because I want to make use of this dark plum colour by Essie from a Luxe Box that I've previously received :)
Essie in 736 Luxedo, Anna Sui in 240
I put about 2 coats of Luxedo on first. It's a dark plum, but it looks very close to black on the nails. Then I put about two more coats of my Anna Sui nail polish on the tip on each nail.

Hope everyone had or is having an awesome halloween!

Much Love.


PinkOrchids said...

That's really pretty! I might try this! :)

tiffyama said...

Pretty!! I actually have "LUXEDO" in my stash of polishes. I think I may just try this out for my next mani. ^^

ShinyPrettyThings said...

so pretty!! i love anna sui glitter polishes!

Mei めい said...

beautiful ! I want it ><