Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Masquerade: Pixie!

I dressed up twice this year for Halloween! I love dressing up, it's always so fun wearing things we don't normally do! I originally only planned one costume, so I had to take my sister's Pixie costume for my friend's murder mystery party!
My silly sis behind me lol. It was a masquerade, so I rushed to the dollar store two days before and found this mask that I thought somewhat went well with my Pixie costume!
I came up with this eye look, which was the most creative make up I've worn in my life haha
I used my MAC liquidlast liner in Aqualine that I bought a long time ago. I loved the colour at the time, but it was too much for daily use - so glad I remembered to use this for Halloween! I also cut this really dramatic lash in half to wear on each of the outer side of my eyes!
Stay tuned for my second Halloween look that will be much scarier than this :) Much Love!


ShinyPrettyThings said...

what a cute look!!! i love the touch of color liner =]

PinkOrchids said...

You looked great!

Elisa ♥ said...

cuteee!!! looks like so much fun xD

Winnie* said...

Cute and girly. Very you with a twist :D

Mimi said...

aww, you looked cute! i can't wait to see your second halloween costume! :)

<3, Mimi

Lizzy said...

Love the look :D Haha, your sister is adorable :D I remember myself bugging my older sister by randomly appearing or popping out in her selcas :P I love the Aqualine liner, love the color! I have got to get one :D How much is it? I think it'll come in handy when I'm making up for specific themes like Halloween :)


Marie said...

Fun masks!:D

Looking forward to seeing your 2nd costume.;D

***** Marie *****
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